Friday, August 24, 2007

Training Meeting On 23 August 2007

I've to say last night's meeting was one of the most enjoyable meetings i have ever had, because:-

1. Our Area K2 Governor Elizabeth Goh was here with us to talk about DCP goals. (she suffered a lot when travelling to SDK because of the rough journey on the road, so that makes us appreciates her attendance more!)

2. I've never had a meeting with so many guests, i think there were 7 guests in our meeting last night, thanks a bunch to SDK Pidato Club and members who brought their guests along. You have done a good job! Oh... I have to mention that the little girl (not little actually) that Eleanor brought was superb!I think she's gonna be a super great speaker one day.

3. We always say:" a toastmaster wears many hats", i truly experienced that last night because i was the counter, speaker,evaluator and bulletin editor (have to take pictures, heh)

3. Last but not least, i got to wear Baju Kurung for the first time...hehe...

Although the meeting ended very late, no one was complaining nor showing a tired face. Therefore,,i suppose everyone had enjoyed the meeting as much as i did. Looking forward to the BBQ on 31 August 2007, are you coming?

CHeeRs, TM Alice Kok

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