Saturday, August 11, 2007

Training Meeting - 9th August 2007

Another fun and educational meeting! Fatimah Yassin, ATMS and 2 Sandakan Mandarin Toastmasters were with us. It was supposed to be a joint meeting with the other two clubs but due to Pak Lah's arrival on that day, the turnout of the members was low. Nevertheless, the quality overcomes the quantity. Toastmaster of the evening was none other than our VPE Norman, always smiling, full of enthusiasm and a fan of Anthony Robbin.
New member Lam Chee Kuan took up his first club role player as the 'Ah Counter'. Yours truly here, conducted the table topics 'Jeopardy' style and members who spoke within the time limit were rewarded 'Kit Kats'. I thought Ling How Kee was brilliant with his imaginative description of his 'life as a mirror in a ladies boutique'.

Delicious 'Tom Yam' noodles were served during break time. For the monthly birthday celebration, a cheese cake was ordered for August babe, our President Grace and the dudes, Norman and Barnabas (absent)Fatimah gave a talk on Service to members and she also accounted her experience of how she rose up to the challenge as Division K Governor last term. Mission accomplished (word of the day),her division was President Distinguished. In her general evaluation, she suggested that word masters introduce 'happy and positive' words. Ha Cheun Hoo presented his 7th CC project. His power point presentation was outstanding, so was his speech 'How to invest safe and smart'.

Ha & Fatimah playing with facial expressions and body language...
Meeting ended on time and as usual the fellowship continued at our usual supper place...

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