Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aren't you glad to be a Toastmaster?

The possible answers for the post title which questioned "Aren't you glad to be a Toastmaster?" will be:-
  1. Yes! Definitely Yes! (Have to be sincere one!)
  2. Er, ya.. ( not too convincing)
  3. No ( Why need to be so frank one?? At least pretend to be glad..)
I ran a poll when I started the blog a week ago on why do you join the Toastmasters. So far I can see the main reasons according to statistics are self development or fellowship. Of course one answered company's obligation. No matter what reason it may be, it's okay as long as you're a Toastmaster.
Now, at this point you may enjoy being in the club or otherwise. I for instant love the club because I see the benefits of being in this club which include improved communication skills, public speaking skills, and polished up leadership skills by assuming roles etc. The opportunity to meet new, interesting and inspiring people from all over the places or even world (it is possible, you know) is definitely a bonus.
So again, I enjoy being a Toastmaster and good news is you can enjoy it too. If you feel the experience of being one is somewhat mundane or not too interesting, I advice instead of slacking away, make an effort to get more involved. You don't have to be an executive committee to be involved in the club. Being a Toastmaster itself gives you all the privilege to be involved; do speeches, take up roles, contribute in newsletters or this blog, or event spent me a cuppa coffee..; ) and lots of other ways you can get involved. It is only when you dedicate an ounce of your time that you will enjoy the benefits of Toastmasters or just simply enjoy. It's like the saying that goes "You reap what you sow!" You have to earn enjoyment people! It doesn't just come.
So people, be glad that you're a Toastmaster. If you're not, call this hotline number 012-8105558 (To assist you when you feel lost in the Club) I found this article on why you need to be a toastmasters. Well, good thing is you already are unless you're someone random who happens to visit this site. Thank you very much. But yeah, do click on the link and read the articles and you'll be reminded what Toastmasters can do for you! You may also send the link to your friends, families, or colleagues to tell them of Toastmasters.
So this is me signing off..
TM Melissa
VPPR 2007/2008

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