Friday, August 10, 2007

Greetings from the Bulletin Editor

As the bulletin editor for this term,i'll try my very best to publish the best bulletin for our members and perhaps,outsiders as well.

We always say that a Toastmaster wears many hats,i see it this way: In our Club,i believe that everyone is doing each other's jobs,in a harmony way of course, because how good will a VPE be if there's no member who give speeches,take part in competition etc? How good will a VPM be if members do not spread the news around and introduce the clubs to their friends? How good a VPPR will be if there's no one interested in joining the party and enjoy it? This question goes to the other posts as well. We need each other in the club in order to "Make a Difference".

So members and guests,do give me your greatest smiles when i am taking your photos ok? I'm sure this will help our bulletin to look very different because every photos taken will show that members and guests are enjoying themselves in our Club's meeting/gathering. Thank you.

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Wenda said...

People should read this.