Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More on Merdeka BBQ...

Okay, so as mentioned in previous posts (mind you, that's plural. See, when it comes to food, one cannot NOT talk about it), yeah, so we had our Merdeka BBQ get together.

Three Musketeers (For the lack of description :P)

BBQ, 31st August at Datin Grace's Residence
Food and fellowship

Chicken wings and squids

There were plenty of food and some of the food in the wish lists were granted. Chicken wing and sausages, a definite, sea food e.g. squids, Alice and Marc kept raving about how good it was, garlic bread, limited, should have more!, grilled banana, I reckoned it was unusual but delicious nevertheless, chicken pie by Eleanor, I'm sure it was good considering I was only an hour late, but everyone 'sapu until clean' it already, sheesh! :P, marshmallow, nice when you know just the exact heat to make the inside melt but outside still a little crisp, and I could just go on, could I?

Of course, what's a BBQ without the casts, huh? All those who were there, you people are just lovely, you know that? From President, Datin Grace (of course what, it was held at her place), ol' members Amy, Eleanor, Kenny etc, to new members, Lam and Bee Ling. Of course not forgetting a few lovely guests who made the BBQ merrier.

Norman and Lam

Marc, Alice, Janet and Datin Grace

Kenny must have talked about something funny until Alice was laughing her head off..

Fairy love the bones!

So, I'd say, we should have this more often. It does not have to be all about eating. What I mean is the fellowship. Let's go watch movie or something.

Well, I'll sign off here.

TM Melissa. *Peace!*

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