Monday, September 24, 2007

Does it make sense?

If I were to say 'Bee' and Toastmasters' exclusively, can you relate between those two?

Just to share with you a conversation script between the president and yours truly in skype just a couple of minutes ago...

Get it? No? Well, who said all things have to make sense? Humor it aight!..:)

On a different note, I just got word from Datin Grace that David Chong of Tawau Toastmasters will be visiting our club this coming Thursday Meeting on the 27th September 2007. Yay...another visitor... I did mention somewhere that we just love visitors.. It's like adding the 8th Colour to the already 7 colours rainbow.

Another brief update. Now, if you may, take out a pencil and a paper of something to jot this down. The Evaluation and Humor Speech Contest will be held on the 6th October 2007, 7pm at Grace Inn, Tawau. All are welcome and admission is free. P.S. I wonder if there's food. Geez....:)

Last but not least, members, please pay your T.I. Dues. by 1st October to our Treasurer TM Wong Kah Yun. You may contact/sms her at 019-813 1618

Cheers everyone.

Have a nice week !
"They said for every minute you laugh, you'll live 7 minutes longer.." :D

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