Saturday, September 29, 2007

Breaking News!

Special unit of Sandakan Toastmasters had it easy on their Recruiting Members Mission as two more convicts decided to surrender to the alluring and promising club that aims to enhance communication and leadership skills by becoming a member themselves.

1st Convict: Mr. David Chong (ACB)

2nd Convict: Mr Noor Azmi

I reckon for a convict, they look mighty jolly. P.S. David, you remind me of a song "For he's a jolly good fellow...." :)

Training Meeting on the 27th September 2007 led by Toastmaster of the Evening, TM Melissa was very fruitful as usual. Started off with the Invocator's Thought of the Day on how one must learn to be thankful both in good and bad circumstances. In short, be positive people..!

After Madam President's address, we were challenged to give a 2 minutes impromtu speech led by Table Topic Master, CL Norman Chin. The theme for the table topic session was "How to Sell'. So here's what I realized. Everyone can sell. We had a mixture of accountants, engineers, housewives, contractors and also business people in the club. Yet, despite their profession, they can still sell. "Wicked"

During tea break, everyone was enjoying their roti jala as most proceed for their second helping.

During the second session of the training meeting, two members embarked on their speech project; ACG Datuk Hassan and TM Ling How Kee. Both speakers did well. :)

Next training meeting on 11th October 2007 will be adopting the Raya Theme. Toastmasters of the Evening will be ATG Datuk Hassan. So, members, I look forward to see all of you in your Kebaya, Songket, Baju Melayu etc.

This is TM Melissa signing off.

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