Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's do something different...


To be able to deliver a good speech, you have to do a well preparation. The work. From choosing a topic, researching the topic, to constructing a speech out of it and lastly to practice it over and over again as the saying goes, "Practise makes perfect." This is a fact well understood and known to all. Yet, I'm saying this again as a reminder to all who will be delivering a speech in the near future, that is including myself.

I will be embarking on my 7th speech project: Research your topic next Thursday. I feel the need to do good in the next speech because frankly speaking, from speech project 1 to 6th, I've always lacked the initiative to prepare prior to my speech. As a result, there's nervousness knowing the fact that I'm about to deliver a speech when I don't actually feel prepared, the time factor, I think the first 3 speeches, I talked way over the time limit, etc. and the many flaws you might notice in a speech when a speaker is not prepared. In several time, I only chose my topic the day before or even the day I was supposed to deliver one. Reason being, busy. Someone told me once "No, its because you're a procastinator". As much as I want to kick that person out of the planet for saying I'm a procastinator, I find some truth in it and just bit my lip.

So, for your next speech, make sure that you are well prepared. Invest some time to practice it over and over again. So, when you finish delivering your speech , at least you will feel more satisfied knowing the fact that you have done your speech project well enough.

P.S. And hey, I've got my topic ready more than a week prior to coming next Thursday. :)

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation."


Yours in Toastmasters,
TM Melissa.

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