Monday, October 8, 2007

Visiting the Lions on the Weekend

Don't worry fellow members,i am still in one piece although there were many "lions" around me yesterday when i witnessed the launching of the "Joint World Lions Service Day Sabah" organized by the Lions Clubs of Sandakan Selingan and Sandakan Host.

Actually, world lions service day means "world peace day" and the Lions are celebrating this world wide on the 8th October annually. However, the 8th is a Monday (a working day), so they made it one day earlier to ease everyone coming from different places to gather together.

Lions Club of Sandakan Selingan and Sandakan Host are the host for this auspicious event this year and therefore, clubs fall under the District 308-A2 had their respective Lions to attend the event,they came from Labuan, Brunei and different areas of Sabah. In other words, the Lions Club of Sandakan is also promoting tourism to members coming from different places.

On this day, besides promoting tourism indirectly, their main objective is to promote world peace in terms of providing humanitarian services to the community. As such, the Lions Club of Sandakan had provided everyone there with Free Health Check Service and Blood Donation Drive for the Lions,Leos and of course the guests' perusal and contribution. This was followed by tree planting by all participating clubs and guests in the Rainforest Discovery Center in Sepilok.

The Lions who come from all walks of life are really materializing their motto - We Serve, as they are always serving the community unconditionally and generously. Let's put our hands together and give them round of applause.... "clap clap"

TM Alice Kok

Bulletin Editor 2007/2008

Snapshots from the Event - 07/10/2007

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