Friday, October 12, 2007

Training Meeting on 11th October 2007 in Ming Court Private Room, Sabah Hotel @ 7.30pm

Kebaya Night was the theme for the 1st Training Meeting for the month of October. Most members and guests dressed up to the theme while a couple decided to be party spoilers, wearing their formal working attire to the meeting..Understood as they probably came to meeting straight from work.

Hosted by Toastmasters of the Evening, ACG Datuk Hassan, the meeting went on smoothly and most importantly, everyone was having fun. We had a few first timers brought in by ACS David Chong (Guests: Charles and Kevin) and TM Khoo (Guest: Alvin) . Datin Nuri from Pidato Toastmasters Club also joined us for last night's training meeting. I must say this bunch of guests are the coolest among all, especially during table topic session which was creatively conducted by TM Kah Yun (by putting questions into Ketupats..interesting). Not only were they sporting enough to take up the table topic questions given to them; they were prompt to answer. Cheers to that!

During tea break, members and guests had great time getting to know more about each other and also blew cake for October's babies, ACG Datuk Hassan and CL Anne Tan.

The speakers for last night's meeting was TM Melissa with her topic "Learn How To Feel Good" and ACG Datuk Hassan with "Signs of Effective Salesperson". Each completed project speech is a step closer to becoming a better speaker. Members, for the upteenth times, :) do your manual speeches.. CL Norman will award you a token of appreciation for every 3 speech projects completed.

At the end of the meeting, we had induction for ACB David Chong who joined us just this month, having shifted from Tawau Toastmasters to Sandakan Toastmasters after being transfered to work in Sukau. But it's more than that. Imagine having to travel from Sukau to Sandakan to attend training meeting every second and fourth Thursday of the month, got to salute him and Noor Azmi for that. Another member, TM Joe who also make it a point to travel from Lahad Datu to Sandakan just to attend meeting, cheers to him!

Of course, we also have the winner for best dressed; man and woman category which was won respectively by ACB David Chong and CL/' VPM Janet Chin. Congrats lovelies!

All in all, the kebaya theme meeting was successful. Everyone looks wonderful. Everyone was enthusiastic. And everyone enjoyed themselves. Below is a group picture of members and guests.

Next meeting will be held on 25th October 2007. Toastmaster of the evening is none other than club's sergeants at arms , TM Ling How Kee. So, members, do call him up to take up any roles or if you wish to do your speech.


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