Friday, October 5, 2007

Let's Break The Ice!

Ever saw a Karate Master break a wooden board with his bare hand? When he/she are able to break the wooden board, he/she will be promoted to Black Belt Karate Master.

In Toastmasters, you can also Break the Ice Board and be promoted to a Black Belt Toast-Master.

New members who haven't start embarking on your Competent Communication Track, I am going to give you another reason for doing it now.

For the first Black Belt Toast-Master who break the Ice Board this term, I will present you with a very special gift (May be a Waist Belt, black in colour?).

So, members who haven't break the ice (you know who you are), please come and enjoy the journey of Toastmastering!

Let's make a different! Not Next Year, Not Next Time, Not Later, but Make a different NOW!

Email me(, Call me (013-8633907) or SMS me to book your slot!

Best Regards,
Norman Chin
Vice President Education

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