Monday, October 8, 2007

Travelogue- Tawau Trip on 6th November 2007

Last weekend, 11 members from Sandakan Toastmasters Club travelled down to Tawau to attend the Area K2 Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest held in Grace Inn, 7pm on 6th October 2007.

Road Trip to Tawau took approximately 4 hours plus. I travelled down with Amy, Dusun, Margaret and Norman. I slept most of the journey. But when I was up and conscious, I began snapping away random pictures.

Thus the first collage showed US throughout the trip, having reached Tawau and proceed for high tea, and checking into Monano Dynasty hotel where we stayed for the night. If you notice one of the pictures, it showed some road construction in progress. So, just to share with you the conversation I had with Amy. :)

Amy: Ai ya!! That one also want to take
Melissa: Ya! So, we can show this pictures if we are late. (Road construction slows down the journey, get it?)
Amy: Hahahahaha..Good girl!

Well, while we were starving (a little bit of exaggeration here) from the lack of food throughout the journey, the rest who travelled separately and earlier (Grace, Luna, Mandy and daughter) were treated with delicious Kelantan Laksa prepared by Tawau TM, DTM Lee Chye Ewe.

The contest took place in Grace Inn at 7pm. Started with dinner sponsored by Datin Betty, member of Tawau Toastmasters. First up was the Speech Evaluation Contest. 4 contestant was up. All did well. So did the 4 contestants for Humorous Speech Contest. Of course, in a competition, one will always emerge the winner. This time around, it was ACG Datuk Hassan for evaluation contest and CL Dusun Chong for Humorous Speech. Congratulation to both of them as they make the club proud. Congratulation to the rest of the contestants for each is a winner by just participating alone. Below are snapshots throughout the competition.

And of course, after the whole contest, members from Sandakan and Tawau Toastmasters proceed for a fellowship supper in Hilltop. Again, we tried the recommended dishes which was actually good.. local sashimi, claypot porridge, dumplings, etc. Thank goodness this was only a one day trip or else I would have put on more pounds than intended.

Night ended and everyone head back to slumber land. We returned to Sandakan the next day.
I guess, that rounds up our travelogue for the weekend in Tawau.

On a side note. Here's a short story of how behind a successful man , is a strong and determine woman. So, Margaret decided to tag along with Dusun to Tawau so she could give full support to her husband. But Lo and Behold, a minor accident happened and she hurt her leg. Though in pain, she did not complain much. Dusun almost wanted to cancel the trip but Margaret was persistant that Dusun should go and compete and she will also go. True enough, Dusun won. Margaret was happy. Dusun was happy. Everyone was happy. :) Cheers to that!

Margaret showing her injured feet

Margaret standing beside Dusun, Humorous Speech Champion

Sweet..~! Signing off now.

Yours in Toastmasters,
TM Melissa.

P.S. Missing Tawau.

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