Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Count Our Blessing....

Few weeks ago, I read the following statement and found that it's absolutely true for me:

"People are willing to spent RM 10 to watch a movie (e.g. Transformers) and RM 5.80 for pop-corn and coke. But,

People are (very) reluctant to donate RM 15.80 for the purpose of Charity." (You are considered very very generous for donating 3 bucks to a beggar).

People are willing to spend 2 hours watching movies, but when they see a car break down at the road side, they are "too busy" to help.

What has gone wrong with us? is it a "social illness" as we call it?

All of us are the blessed bunch of people. (if you are able to read this entry, it means you can read, you understand English and you own a computer). Some might complained that they are not loved by their parents or lovers, others might say they are jobless and broke. but do you know that you are still the luckiest people in the world? (by comparison)

There are hundreds of children in other parts of this world die of hunger every hour, there are hundreds of people in the war zone die (horribly) every hour just because they were born in the war zone and there are thousands of children born disabled and mentally impaired. (and they have done nothing wrong for most of them).

After reading the statement, i feel the urge to help those helpless. Then, I received a call and an opportunity to contribute:

The Cheshire Home Fund Raising Dinner:

The fund raising dinner only cost RM 60. It will be at Hakka Hall, Mile 6, Sandakan on 8th August 2009, 7pm.

If you have a heart to contribute, let me know. I have 8 more tickets with me.



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