Monday, July 13, 2009

1st TLI - for the term 2009/10

12 July 2009..That was the day to kick start the ball rolling for the new term! Officers were being trained to lead the new term. 4 of us attended the 1st TLI (Training and Leadership Institute) training at Wisma Sabah, KK from 9AM till 2PM and with this training our club has earned itself half a goal and it's only the beginning of the term. Certainly, this is a good start for our club. The officers who attended the training are:

1. CL Amy Hiew, The President
2. CC Alice Kok, The VP of Education
3. CC CL Ling How Kee, The VP of Membership
4. CC Shane Ho, The VP of Public Relations

TOP 4 officers were THERE! Although it was Sunday, when everyone should be laying in their beds, dreaming of their prince charmings or their beautiful princesses but our officers have taken up the roles so seriously that they left those dreams behind (probably dated to meet again on Monday night) to attend the training. With this little sacrifice, we have 9.5 goals to go.

All of us learned skills & new ideas on how to further improve the club's current status. As a new comer to the officer rank, I believe I've gained tremendously throughout the training AND I think with the support from the Excos and the members - we can, again reach 10 out of 10 goals soon. Let's keep up the good work and let's up keep the current status of our club as 'President Distinguished Club' for the years to come!

(photo please........)

Here they are:-

Us, the DG (District Governor) and the trainers. Taken during lunch break.

Woah... our officers (Amy and Alice) sat beside DG! How honourable... and they had time for photo session?

Look at me! I ain't better off... I had time for photo session

too while DG was giving his opening speech...

VPPR 2009/10
CC Shane Ho

p/s: Counting 1..2..3..4.. Yes! 5 more days to the installation of our club... if you are not aware yet, please contact us fast as the tickets are selling out like hot cakes!

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