Monday, February 16, 2009

Gathering at Anne's Resident (Mile 6)

We had another great time @ Anne Tan's Resident on 15th Feb.

We celebrated Ling's birthday with a Pandan Cheese Cake. The cake was nice, evening Anne who had vowed to only have a small piece end up doubling her order.

We had sumptuous steamboat and wine before we start the actual business..... CASHFLOW 101 invented by the famous author, Robert Kiyosaki.
Shane Ho explain how the game works :-)

Norman "was" the richest among all when the game started, where Datin Grace only got 1/5 of Norman's $$$
After 3 hours of educational game, Ling How Kee emerge as the player with most cashflow, but the game is not done yet..... To be continue....
Till then, have fun! cheers :-)

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