Friday, May 16, 2008

What are you waiting for?

Come, join us!

Yes, the tickets for the 13Th installation is out, please grab a ticket for yourself and 10 or more for your friends, family members, relatives, colleagues and even your enemies, come on, it's better to befriend your enemy, right? That's the spirit of Toastmasters!

Anyway, back to the topic, the tickets are ready and you are welcome to approach me or Norman to secure your tickets for this auspicious event. Tickets are selling for RM70 and I'll give you some sneak peek to the event.

As you can see, isn't it very conspicuous that the theme is about being retro ?It doesn't matter if you want to dig into your treasure box for your retro looking attire, just come and enjoy yourself with us during that evening, who knows you are lucky to go home with some of our lucky draw prices?? (i heard that the sponsors are very generous to sponsor some BIG gifts!)

Hope to see you there.

xo Bulletin Editor cum Org. Chair, Alice Kok xo

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