Monday, May 12, 2008

Make a Difference
And Yes We Did!

Last night Toastmasters Meeting was an eventful night! Toastmasters Charles Chow and Toastmasters Ling How Kee, both had completed their Competent Communication Manual Final Project last night, helping the club achieved the last goal and making our club a 10/10 President Distinguished Club. Bravo n' brava!

The gathering started 6.30pm where additional food of delicious curry chicken and mixed vege were generously sponsored by Toastmasters or should I know address as Competent Communicator Charles and Ling. It seemed that Sandakan Toastmasters Club has cultivated a new tradition. Those who achieved their CC has to buy dinner! Thanks Charles and Ling.

The turn out was very encouraging. 18 members attended the meeting including a very keen guest, Shaun Ho, who was brought by Davina Khoo.

Table Topic Session was particularly enjoyable. ACB David Chong threw an opening story to member: "David and Charles were traveling to an island with crystal clear water, wanting to Scuba Dive", and table topic speakers continued with the story. Members were laughing all the way as the story unfold in a funny manner.

During coffee break, Mother's day was celebrated instead of Monthly Birthday Celebration. (Members, please be reminded Mother's day fall on 11th May. Go and get a bunch of Carnation from Toastmaster Sunny Wong @ 0128103446 for your mum!)

After the break, the highlight of the evening: Speech Projects!

Toastmaster Alvin Leong presented his speech project #2 titled: Human Communication. We discovered that Toastmaster Alvin Leong has great singing talent. Yes, he sang in his speech! and he offered to present a Song during the coming installation night.

Toastmaster (and now CC) Ling project #10 has shared with us his enthusiasm in Toastmastering and how Toastmasters changed his attitude and communication skills. Toastmasters work!

Toastmaster (and now CC) Charles project #10 was simply amazing. It was about a secret that was kept inside a "golden box" by his mentor, whom refuse to review what it was. The suspension went on and all the audience were drawn into the stories and our full attention were captured. Very very successful speech. Those who wondered what the secret really was, please come to the meeting more often.

In the humourous session, we were once again entertained by CC Charles Chow with his "first day experience in Sabah". We never realise Sabah can be so adventurous with the twin otter plane.

And before the meeting ended, Madam President inducted two new members, Toastmaster Lily Cheng and Toastmasters Shukie Kang.

Welcome to the club!!

Not forgetting to mention, the Toastmasters of the Evening was Toastmaster Alvin Leong, who joined our club few months back. He was able to put up a good show despite having a speech project on hand. Good job.

The best and most enjoyable event started only after the Training Meeting ends. We went for supper at the coffee shop below and members felt relaxed and humored for things that happen in Penang Convention, jokes and post meeting comments.

Everyone who attended the training has a great, fruitful and exciting evening. Let's keep the torch of fire for Sandakan Toastmasters Club burning and brighten up ours and others life.

Until then, see you all next meeting on 22nd May 2008.

Yours Sincerely

CL Norman Chin a.k.a VPE a.k.a Incoming President :)

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