Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Motivates

A manager having just returned from a management seminar was trying to put into practice what he had learnt. He called in an employee and said that the employee could now plan and control his job. He was positive that it would raise productivity.
The worker wanter to know if he would be paid more.
The manager lectured that it had been found that money wasnot a motivator and that the employee could not expect to get greater expectation from a salary rise.
The employee wanted to know whether if productivity went up, he would be paid more.
Now, the manager was getting annoyed with the employee for not understanding the motivation theory. He therefore gave him a book to take home to read. "The book will tell you what motivates you."
As the man was about to leave, he paused and asked the manager, "If I finish the book, will I get a rise?"
Moral of the story
Theories aside, give people what they want. How often we get so engrossed in our own world that we fail to see reality.
In layman's term
Easier said than done. Just give them the money. :)

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