Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sandakan Toastmasters Club's 15th Annual General Meeting

On Thursday 24th June 2010, at the strike of 7.30 pm, HISTORY was made...

The 15th Annual General Meeting was held at Mark's Lodge Hotel. CC Alice Kok, had taken over the position of CC Amy Hiew. CC Alice Kok is the Newly Elected President of Sandakan Toastmasters Club for the term 2010/2011.

 Our sweet new president...


New office bearers were also elected to assist the Great Sandakan Toastmasters Club President / Queen.

They are...

Vice President of Education - ACB Ling How Kee
Vice President of Membership - CC Shane Ho
Vice President of Public Relations - CC Vannessa Lim
Secretary - TM Laurence Dumling
Treasurer - CC Jimmy Leong
Sergeant at Arms - TM Alex Yong
Committee Members - CC JR Chia, CC Winnie Lee, TM Henry Nok and TM Chong Sung Yan
Bulletin Editors - CC Dusun Chong
Co-editor - TM Wong Kah Yun
Auditors - TM Margaret Liew and CC Ha Chuen Hoo

These people have sworn their loyalty to the Queen and must be there for the Queen whenever she commands. Every words of Her Royal Highness must be followed...

During the new term, CC Alice Kok will 'Take the Challenge' and rule Sandakan Toastmasters Club for a year until the graceful ruler has found her next successor.

Eveyone was getting ready to get the group photo...

Group photo...

Exco members 2010 / 2011...

However, this is not fully official until the installation ceremony on the 17th of July 2010, 7.00 pm, at Sabah Hotel Ballroom, Sandakan. The theme for that night will be Masquerade Night.

**Tickets are still on sale. So, hurry up and grab some while there are still some left...**

Meanwhile, the Newly Elected President / Queen, the Committee Members of Sandakan Toastmasters Club 15th Installation Banquet shall protect the Queen with weapons of mass destruction, at the same time, will be busy preparing for the installation ceremony. The ceremony will be an awesome and unforgettable one as DTM Mohd. Ariff will be the Guest of Honour for that very special night.



Even CC Shane Ho thinks it is the right choice to attend the installation dinner...

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