Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest

Time for winning!

When we say, "courage to conquer", it doesn't mean to be a champion speaker, nor outstanding leader. It simply mean having the "guts" to challenge your limit.

Each year, Toastmasters Clubs around the world would organize speech contests as a platform for members to exhibit what they have benefited from Toastmasters program.

Believe me, most of the contestants, standing in front of a crowd of people to deliver a 5 to 7 minutes contest speech was their biggest nightmare and widest dream. That was before they become a Toastmasters.

When you are a Toastmasters, you get yourself ready to speak in-front of audience while you are doing your speech projects. Slowly and surely, confident builds up.

Having the courage to participate, and deliver a 5-7 speech itself is the reward! Winning a prize is only supplemental.

It does not take a good speech to triumph! It is the courage that counts.

Fellow Toastmasters, Sandakan Toastmasters Club has scheduled our club level "Humorous Speech and Evaluation Speech Contest" on 27th August 2008, 7:00pm Mark's Lodge Meeting Room.

Get yourself prepared and have the courage to conquer! Pick up your phone and call 012-8139978, VPE Janet Chin to reserve your place in the speech contests.

Good luck to your journey of Toastmastering!

President 2008-2009

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