Saturday, October 25, 2014

What for ?! To go on stage and speak for 5 minutes?!

[This post was taken from President Laurence's facebook's note, dated: 25 Oct 2014]

I met a friend at a local supermarket the other day. She was home for a holiday as she is working in a metropolitan city right after her graduation. After a few exchanges of long-time-no-see-how-are-you greetings, she introduced me to her parent as the president of Sandakan Toastmasters Club, English version. I smiled and greeted her,"Auntie." It is about our culture that elder strangers are our aunts and uncles when we greet them. Since she introduced me that way and knowing that she is working in a big corporate company in a city, I simply asked her to join us for our meeting later that week. She turned her head abruptly towards me, looked hard into my eyes that I felt she seem to be scanning my brain cells for she couldn't believe what she has heard. With a deep, surprised tone, replied "What for? To go on stage and speak for 5 minutes?"

I guess that's the base for the saying that goes, "Public speaking is the number one fear than death." I know understand why. I rather die than living in shame and humiliation for making myself a fool on stage! People will remember me for that and will keep on talking about it! 
Who is making you a fool? Yourself or Others?
Who says that you are a fool? Yourself or Others?
Who thinks that you are making a fool of yourself? Yourself or Others?
In a culture where what matters most are the money you make and the skin you wear, positivism towards other is rare and criticism comes first before (if any) compliment. There are positive people (undeniably the most beautiful people too), but they are rare. When I find them, I'm truly grateful.
As shared by Kimberly Ang of Class 5D in her presentation about the cultural and belief ideology of the community in the novel "The Curse", she stated, "We are not born WITH the culture, we are born INTO the culture." Her presentation left me with a deep impression. She has made me understand better of the rebel in me, against the culture I am in. Against the culture of negativity and of mediocrity. Against the culture of complaining without doing, and assuming without judgment. Against the culture of "what qualifications you have" and "what money you make" and "what race you are".
I was born into this culture. But whether or not I become one, that is my decision to make.

One thing that Toastmasters have changed me most:
1. Of being who I am. Better.

Two things that Toastmasters have shaped me most:
1. I am not what I appear to be, but what I am made to be.
2. I am not what I thought I am, but what I believe I am.

Three things that Toastmasters have equipped me most:
1. The confidence to speak- with tactfulness and compassion
2. The empathy towards others- the success of one is the success of all, the weakness of one, is the club's empowerment for him/ her
3. To humbly ask for criticism and to bravely accept them 

Four things that Toastmasters have provided me most:
1. Great people!- they are magnificent people with extraordinary talents and auras. Most of all, they are fun to be with! Not just for the pleasure of sharing with them, but the learning I gained. It's boundless. 
2. A safe, condusive place to make mistakes without the fear of jumping off a cliff after that 
3. Going places! Being a Toastmaster in Sandakan, has made me a Toastmaster in any Toastmasters Club around the globe! 
4. Acknowledgement- in any achievement or contribution made 

Above all, Toastmasters has instilled in me its four values: 
1. Integrity
2. Respect
3. Service
4. Excellence

Regardless of any belief system that we hold strong to, they are only strongly uphold through one's thoughts, words and actions.  
Well, why I invite you to Toastmasters, my friend? Because I see something in you, but both of us wouldn't know what it is- until you take the first courageous step in accepting my invitation. And as a guest, should you do the unthinkable by standing up (no stage unfortunately) to speak for five minutes during the meeting- hell, you're something! But, our timer will let you speak for only 3 minutes max before he clicks on the bright red light. 
So, are you born WITH the culture that you are in, or INTO the culture?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The TEAM 2014/15 started STRONG!

As the new term started to roar... the newly elected president for the term 2014/15 Laurence, CC, CL has chaired the first executive committee meeting with her team at Sandakan's Old Town to set both education goals & club's objective. 

President Laurence also delighted that her outgoing president, Vannessa Lim, ACB, CL was there too to guide her apart from 3 past presidents who are also part of her executive committee team members. 

She looked forward to an exciting term, with her tagline for the term: "Bringing the Best Within, Out"! 

For more info of her team member, click here. Join her in the next meeting on 10 Jul 2014 (the first meeting for the club for this term at Borneo Cove Hotel) or contact her directly (click here for contacts).

In her own words, right after the meeting via the club's official facebook site:
Such a productive 1st Exco meeting of the new line of Exco term 2014/2015! With the guidance from 3 stupendous IPPs and support from all the excos, it was indeed a meeting of goals- setting and team spirit in continuing the legacy of the club! Thank you DTM Ling How Kee for the great treat!  (p/s: we only realised that Old Town has came up with new mouth-watering menus) Stay tuned all! 
Signing off with Excitement,
Shane Ho, ACB, ALB
Past President 2012/2013

Thursday, May 31, 2012

District 87, Toastmasters 3rd Semi Annual Convention 2012!

Hi Folks! How was your holiday!?

I would like to bring you some awesome news... the 3rd Semi Annual Convention 2012 is OoooooN! Where else? BRUNEI!!! Hosted by our beautiful & wonderful Members of District 87, of Division K, Area K6! 

Our organizing chair is non other than, Shawn Narcis! CC, CL who is also the incoming Division K Governor 2012-2013. Let's join hand and support him this coming November... Have you registered? If you haven't, remember to do so ASAP with our President Ling to secure you seat TODAY!

Not convinced?

Check this video below and you will know how much you could be missing from this great convention:

Great Video? I bet you will love it! What are you waiting for?... Sign up TODAY!

For more updated info, check out their official website at

Cheers & Happy Holiday to All!
Shane Ho, CC, CL
Vice President of Education, 2011-2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

District 87, 2nd Annual Convention

Did you missed something huge???? It's the District 87, 2nd Annual Convention hosted by the Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club. Sweat not, here are some of the pictures to get feel of it.

Welcome Night with New Member Eric Kong, TM & VPE Shane Ho
Welcome night started with a bang with a welcome dance from the KKTMC members, thereafter dinner was served.
Opening Ceremony & Workshop in Progress
Opening ceremony was officially opened by YB Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, thereafter is the keynote by Dr Dilip the way from the state, who is also the past international president of Toastmasters International. 
The Distinguish Award goes to DTM Datin Grace Chiu & DTM Norman Chin
The club newly crowned DTMs!!!
The installation of District 87 officer for the term 2012-2013
The newly elected and nominated officer for the term 2012-2013 are being installed
The DTMs of Division K (Above) & Sandakan Toastmasters Club's Members with the newly installed District
Governor 2012-2013

For more pictures, please visit the club's facebook at Till then, book your seat for the next convention which will be in Brunei on 9th-11th Nov 2012!! for more info, check out with our president, Ling How Kee!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello Members!

Hi! How is everyone been doing? Yes... We are back and we are back with a bang!

We know that you missed us... and here we are! There are many reason why it was not updated as frequent as before... let just say... social media like facebook has taken over the role for the past few months. YES! We've got our own facebook page if you haven't noticed by now. Click Here! Facebook or not facebook.... We will still be here to keep everyone posted. 

Before that, let's wrap up the previous months with these beautiful pictures:
16th Installation @ The Mark's Lodge. Thereafter we went for a celebration to Secret Recipe... Yummy!

Installation @ Sabah Hotel, Ballroom, Theme Panama Night!
This is where our newly elected President Ling How Kee is Installed  for the term 2011/2012

The Ever Energetics Meeting & Speech Contest!
Celebration after Celebration
If you want to get the latest... and the fastest... check out our facebook as frequent as possible. If you want the stories... you are on it now. We shall be back on track real soon. Do come back soon & expect to see some changes in us... Good Day!

Yours in Toastmasters,
Shane Ho
2011/2012 VP of Education.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Training Meeting 15th April 2011 and New Members Induction

Another successful training meeting was held where CC, CL Shane Ho Took up the Challenge to be the Toastmasters of the Evening.

He did a warm up session for the members and guests by inviting them to do some stretching here and there, up and down, left and right, back and front.

IPP, CC Amy Hiew was the Word Master for that evening and she introduced the word 'prophecy'.

She forgot to bring her reading spectacles. That's why the words written were getting smaller and smaller.

Division K Governor, ACS Datin Grace Chiu was the Table Topics Master for the evening. She started off with a debate topic: Should parents be blamed for their children's crimes?

Most of the speakers were parents themselves and all the 'still single' members had a fair idea of what parenthood is like.

For the term 2010 / 2011, under CC, CL Alice Kok's reign as a President, Sandakan Toastmasters Club has successfully new members.

CC, CL Shane Ho did the new member induction on that very special night.

Reading those important lines from the book...
"By the power of God bestowed upon me, I hereby induct you as members of Sandakan Toastmasters Club. Muahahaha... *Thunder roaring, waves splashing, tables shaking, someone sneezing...*

On that night as well, three new members who just got inducted present their first ice breakers.

TM Ray Chai

TM Victor Liau

TM Jim Hiew

Bravo to each and every one of them. They had begun their Toastmaster's journey into becoming better and more confident speakers as well as leaders.

The training meeting ended with some humour stories from CC Vannessa Lim. She was out of tone on that night because she was suffering from a cough. The Humour Master role suited her condition on that night because "Laughter is the Best Medicine".

Group photos:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Club Level International Speech and Table Topic Contests

Sandakan Toastmasters Club had once again successfully organised a Club Level International Speech and Table Topic Contest.

Guests from all over Sandakan came to see and support the members of Sandakan Toastmasters Club who took the challenge in participating in the contests.

The meeting room was fully occupied. Wow!!

There were three contestants for the International Speech Contest and 5 contestants for the Table Topic Contest.

The winner for the contests are:-

International Speech Contest:
Champion: Alice Kok (Club President)

Table Topic Contest:
Champion: Laurence Dumling
1st runner up: Amy Hiew
2nd runner up: Dusun Chong

The champions and 1st runner up for both contests will represent Sandakan Toastmasters Club and compete in the Area Level at Tawau on 5th March 2011, Saturday.

This will be a very hot battle. The contestants are going to Take the Challenge and bring glory to Sandakan Toastmasters Club.